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The Economic Benefits of Texas Nonprofit Entities

Published on January 29, 2019
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Nonprofit establishments improve lives, communities, and society as a whole. These entities offer a variety of services and include hospitals and other health care providers, schools and universities, art museums, and many other types of operations. Not only do these organizations provide important services that enhance quality of life and societal wellbeing; they also generate substantial economic benefits through their operations and the associated multiple rounds of activity through the economy.

Using an extensive set of information related to nonprofit employment, payrolls, and other information maintained by public and private sources as a starting point, The Perryman Group measured the overall economic effects of nonprofit operations on the Texas economy and its various political subdivisions.

This study indicates that nonprofit entities generate almost 1.4 million jobs across the state when multiplier effects are considered.

These benefits ripple through the economy and generate business activity across a spectrum of industries. These contributions are expected to increase notably in the coming years.

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