Intellectual Property and Patents

Dr. Perryman and his team of experienced analysts provide expert analysis and testimony in intellectual property cases, including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret infringement and misappropriation.

The Perryman Group has analyzed patent damages related to numerous industries and technologies, such as communications, semiconductors, mobile devices, oilfield equipment, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, and medical devices. Dr. Perryman has extensive experience in patent litigation involving standard-essential patents and patents that may be subject to reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND) or fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing terms. He has analyzed damages from reasonable royalties, lost profits, injunctions, and price erosion for many of the largest companies in the world.

Having completed hundreds of complex litigation assignments, including successful testimony in high profile matters and cases with billions of dollars or even the fate of a company at stake, Dr. Perryman's track record is notable in matters for both defendants and plaintiffs.

Reasonable royalties | Lost profits | Price erosion | Intellectual property valuation | FRAND/RAND analysis | License negotiations | License analysis | Damages | Injunctions


Dr. Perryman and his team provide expert analysis and testimony in litigation involving claims of monopolization, exclusionary conduct, restraint of trade, price fixing, tying, and other anticompetitive conduct.

Dr. Perryman has worked to analyze antitrust issues in a diverse set of industries, including telecommunications, transportation, food and beverage, energy, real estate, healthcare, environmental services, and construction.

Dr. Perryman's analysis not only involves an assessment of damages but also a thorough examination of the relevant market and the nature of the alleged anticompetitive conduct. He has significant experience with statistical analyses and econometric modeling that is often used in complex antitrust cases.

Monopolization | Price fixing | Mergers | Tying | Attempted monopolization | Exclusionary conduct | Market definition | Damages


Dr. Perryman and his team have considerable regulatory and litigation experience in issues related to capital markets, valuation analysis, and securities.

Procuring money from public investors involves careful research and analysis, full and complete disclosures, and a thorough understanding of the surrounding macroeconomic environment. Identification of all pertinent, reasonably foreseeable risks is essential to the process. Debt and equity interests must be properly priced in light of existing market supply and demand patterns. Future potential cash flow must be measured and adjusted for uncertainty in a realistic and credible fashion.

Dr. Perryman can also perform due diligence, aid in preparing input to offering documents, and offer expert witness services when litigation is involved. He has made several presentations to rating agencies and investment groups to support debt and equity issues.

Earnings restatement | Misrepresentations | Due diligence | Feasibility | Issuance and renewal | Debt and equity issues

Additional Areas

The Perryman Group has helped to analyze the economic aspects of litigation and regulation in nearly every major industry since 1981.

Dr. Perryman and The Perryman Group team have decades of experience in complex issues across numerous additional areas, such as business loss, tortious interference, breach of contract, bankruptcy, fraud, product liability, environmental issues, injunctions, utility regulation, toxic torts, pipeline regulation, real estate, energy regulation, financial regulation, and public policy among others.

Contract disputes | Business losses | Toxic torts | Regulation | Fraud | Bankruptcy | Environmental matters | Energy and utilities | Rate cases | Permitting