Published in syndication January 20, 2020

Big City Job Growth

Austin-Round Rock was the fastest growing large metropolitan area in the United States over the past decade. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently looked at the percent change in employment for metropolitan areas with a 2010 population of at least one million, and Austin-Round Rock topped the list with 43.1% expansion. Between December 2009 and November 2019, all 51 of the largest US metropolitan areas saw employment increases, but the rates of growth varied dramatically from the rapid pace in Austin-Round Rock down to just 5.7% in Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, Connecticut.

Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 15, 2020

What threat should we be aware of in light of the Iran tensions?

In the wake of heightened tensions with Iran, Dr. Perryman says we need to be on guard for a possible cyber attack on our electric grid.

Published in syndication January 13, 2020

A Look Ahead

As 2020 begins, underlying economic trends have been positive and signs are also positive for continued growth. However, I have to say that this year may be more challenging than those of the recent past, with the single biggest threat to ongoing expansion being the level of uncertainty. Unfortunately, this consternation stems from multiple sources.

Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 08, 2020

What factors played a role in the stock market's growth over the past decade?

The stock market wrapped up a tremendous decade, up 256%. Dr. Perryman says there was a lot that contributed to this gain.

Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 07, 2020

Why is it essential that the Census count is accurate in Texas?

A recent Census survey suggests that Texas gained more people than anyone else over the past year. Dr. Perryman says the state should commit to confirming that number.

Published in syndication January 06, 2020

A Look Back

From an economic perspective, 2019 was a solid year, with continued expansion, job and wage gains, and progress on many (but not all) fronts. Let’s take a brief look back at 2019 and the past decade.

Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 06, 2020

Why was Texas the winner of the State of the Year award from Business Facilities Magazine?

Business Facilities Magazine once again naming Texas the winner of its State of the Year award. Dr. Perryman says Texas is the only four time winner.

Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 02, 2020

Why is a ban on fracking a bad idea?

Some Democrats running for president want a worldwide ban on fracking. Dr. Perryman says that's a bad idea to even talk about. 

Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 01, 2020
Broadcast via Texas State Networks on December 31, 2019

What did the economy look like in the 2010s, and what innovations happened?

Dr. Perryman looks back at the last ten years, and describes one event in particular.