We are a focused team of analysts who know how to address complex economic information tasks and present our findings effectively.

Our in-house professionals bring expertise in finance, statistics, economics, real estate, valuation, systems analysis, engineering, technical communications, and marketing. Dr. Ray Perryman, President and CEO, has more than 40 years of experience in developing systems, analyzing complex problems, and communicating effectively.

We take considerable pride in what we do. Our enthusiasm is both unbridled and contagious; every day brings a new opportunity for us to tackle a different problem or create a product or service specifically tailored to our clients. We are accustomed to being a focal point in high profile matters with profound consequences for companies, communities, and public policy at all levels.

We also understand that the effective use of economic information can be a key ingredient in fostering the betterment of society and humankind. Our commitment to the world in which we live and work is why we also provide major pro bono analyses to promote initiatives that help to improve people's lives.

Dr. M. Ray Perryman
Dr. M. Ray Perryman
President and CEO
B.S. Mathematics
Baylor University
Ph.D. Economics
Rice University
International Institute for Advanced Studies
Dr. Perryman
Dr. M. Ray Perryman, President and CEO

Dr. Ray Perryman is President and CEO of The Perryman Group, an economic research and analysis firm based in Waco, Texas. His firm has served the needs of more than 2,500 clients, including two-thirds of the Global 25, over half of the Fortune 100, the 12 largest technology firms in the world, 10 US Cabinet Departments, the 9 largest firms in the US, the 6 largest energy companies operating in the US, and the 5 largest US banking institutions.

Dr. Perryman holds a BS in Mathematics from Baylor University and a PhD in Economics from Rice University, as well as an honorary doctorate from the International Institute for Advanced Studies. He has held numerous academic positions throughout his career (Herman Brown Professor of Economics and University Professor at Baylor University and Economist-in-Residence at Southern Methodist University) and is currently a Senior Research Fellow of the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas and Institute Distinguished Professor of Economic Theory and Method at the International Institute for Advanced Studies. He has authored several books, over 400 academic papers, and more than 2,500 trade articles. He publishes an annual subscription forecasting service and monthly newsletter, writes a weekly syndicated column, and hosts a daily radio commentary with frequent appearances on National Public Radio.

Dr. Perryman was named Outstanding Young Person of the World for Business and Economic Innovation in 1987, was designated Texan of the Year by the Texas Legislative Conference in 2012, received the Baylor University Distinguished Service Medal in 2013, was inducted into the Texas Leadership Hall of Fame in 2014, received the Cesar E. Chavez Conscience Builders Award in 2016 for his humanitarian efforts, and in 2018 was named the Most Dynamic Economic Researcher in the US by Global Business Insights. In 2019, Dr. Perryman received the Chairman's Award for Lifetime Achievement in Economic Development from the International Economic Development Council and was selected for the "Go Global" Award from the International Trade Council as the outstanding global economic analyst for his work on trade, energy, the environment, and other international issues. He dedicates a significant portion of his time to pro bono work aimed at helping to solve pressing social problems such as hunger, indigent health care, poverty, and child maltreatment.

"The most quoted man in Texas"

Texas Monthly

"A world class scholar"

Business Week

"The unofficial state economist"

The New York Times

"The state's pre-eminent economist and a barbecue connoisseur"

The Dallas Morning News
Richard Cox
Litigation and Dispute Analysis

For over 25 years, Mr. Cox has provided analysis on a broad range of commercial damage matters including intellectual property, patent infringement, antitrust, breach of contract, misappropriation, fraud, regulatory matters, and other commercial litigation. As an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) of the American Society of Appraisers in business valuation, he values businesses, business segments, intellectual property, and other business assets.

Virginia Johnston
Public Policy, Economic Development, and Impact Analysis

Ms. Johnston, who has been with the firm for 30 years, oversees projects including socioeconomic impact analyses and economic assessments of various kinds. She has conducted and directed research on topics ranging from the impact of legislative initiatives to the likely effects of major real estate developments to the convergence of technology industries. A key facet of Ms. Johnston's role involves distilling voluminous research and data into easily understood reports suitable for a wide variety of audiences.