Impact Assessment

The Perryman Group has developed and continually maintains an extensive set of economic impact evaluation models that can be applied in a variety of contexts.

Any economic stimulus, whether positive or negative, sets off ripple effects across the economy. The Perryman Group’s dynamic integrated models measure effects on total economic activity by industry, real estate demand and absorption, occupations, and tax receipts to states and local taxing entities such as counties, cities, and school districts.

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Perryman developed the US Multi-Regional Impact Assessment System which can be fully integrated with proprietary models maintained by the firm (econometric models as well as the US Multi-Regional Industry-Occupation System, and the US Multi-Regional Real Estate System) to address any economic information issue. The systems have been peer-reviewed multiple times and are designed to reflect the unique economic characteristics of any county or multi-county region in the United States (and have been modified for work in many other countries as well).

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Economic Development and Strategic Planning

The Perryman Group has assisted communities, states, regions, and nations in comprehensive economic development efforts, as well as aided corporations in determining appropriate sites for new facilities and negotiating suitable arrangements.

In the highly competitive market for quality corporate locations and expansions, proactive efforts are essential to success. Targeted initiatives and an understanding of community goals, strengths and weaknesses can greatly enhance the success of economic development programs.

The Perryman Group's models, systems, and other resources are integral to the firm's unique and innovative approach to economic development issues. We help communities craft strategies to drive performance and have provided the analytical basis for many successful legislative initiatives. Utilizing systems specifically geared to economic development, the firm can identify "target industries" that are likely to expand in the near future and be a complement to the local resource base. Through detailed analysis of workforce characteristics, the existing industrial base, quality-of-life factors, and local attitudes and perceptions, the firm can craft positive plans to maximize opportunities.

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Forecasting and Modeling

The Perryman Group is at the cutting edge of econometrics and other advanced statistical methods and has provided innovative approaches for many complex applications.

Dr. Perryman developed our core forecasting model, the Texas Econometric Model, more than 40 years ago and has been providing detailed forecasts for the United States, Texas, and Texas metropolitan areas and regions ever since. We maintain a comprehensive set of national and regional models and have provided projections throughout the country. These systems include a full range of international, national, regional, state, metropolitan area, county, and small area (zip code, census tract, etc.) forecasting and modeling capabilities.

These systems and the accompanying data resources permit forecasting of energy demand and supply, real estate market absorption, retail sales, infrastructure needs, industrial performance (such as manufacturing or services), transportation demand, financial markets, bond feasibility, construction costs, investment returns, and numerous other applications. In addition, projections regarding labor markets, demographics, global markets and trade, and cost factors such as wage rates and capital costs are generated for clients and subscribers on a frequent basis. Forecasts have been provided as a subscription service for over four decades. The firm is on retainer to various entities (such as financial institutions, transportation authorities, and electricity providers) to supply ongoing information.

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Speeches and Presentations

A popular speaker, Dr. Perryman addresses dozens of audiences throughout the world every year, catering to a wide variety of events.

Nationally recognized as an informative and entertaining speaker, Dr. M. Ray Perryman has appeared before major corporate leadership groups, trade associations, governmental entities, and economic development organizations. He has established a reputation for communicating often dry subjects in an effective and humorous fashion.

Over the course of his career, he has spoken to thousands of local, regional, national, and international audiences, always bringing fresh perspectives, immediate relevance, and an entertaining and engaging style of delivery.

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