Bordernomics: Defining Economic Opportunities, Potential, and Challenges Confronting the US – Mexico Border Region and Strategies for Enhanced Prosperity

The Perryman Group’s Bordernomics study analyzes the economy of the US-Mexico border region in order to improve understanding of regional dynamics and identify actions which could generate meaningful improvement. The full study provides background information and a summary of current economic conditions, addresses the importance of NAFTA, describes challenges and opportunities faced in the border region, and estimates the business activity and jobs which could ...

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DACA: An Economic Imperative

The clock is ticking on a two-million-job issue: finding a permanent solution to replace Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The DACA program allows individuals who entered the United States as children to remain here for school or work. Nearly 800,000 persons across the country are enrolled in the program, and approximately 124,300 of these individuals live in Texas. If no action is taken, these ...

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The Economic Importance of Texas’ Coastal Counties

In 2015, The Perryman Group prepared a study to assist the efforts to reform the windstorm insurance system which focused on the possibilities of major storms along the Gulf Coast. While the analysis obviously does not reflect the unique and unprecedented effects of Hurricane Harvey, it does provide some useful insights. Given the significance of this historic storm and its role in the economy in ...

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The Potential Impact of Social Legislation on Business Activity: A Case Study of Actions Which Could Adversely Affect Tourism in the San Antonio Area and Texas

Regardless of their stated purpose, controversial laws can reduce travel and tourism. If the Texas legislature passes a law viewed as discriminatory against lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender persons, it is likely that some meetings and events would be canceled and that some leisure travelers will also avoid the state. The resulting reduction in travel and tourism would involve substantial economic costs. The Perryman Group estimates ...

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Effects of a Tax Exemption for Downhole Processing Equipment

The Perryman Group found that total State and local tax gains outweigh losses stemming from an exemption for downhole processing equipment within five years, and net positive effects continue to grow over time. Although exempting equipment used in downhole processing of oil and natural gas from sales tax would initially reduce sales tax collections, it would also tend to increase exploration activity by reducing costs to ...

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An Assessment of the Economic Implications of Redesigning the Foster Care System in Selected Counties and the State of Texas

More than 16,000 Texas children are presently in foster care. This crucial safety net for thousands of the state’s most vulnerable residents has experienced challenges in recent years and is in the process of evolving in an innovative manner to better meet the needs of the affected young people at a critical juncture in their lives. While the primary consideration in any conversation related to ...

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Texas Needs the Workers! An Analysis of the Economic and Fiscal Impact of Undocumented Workers

The issues surrounding immigration are complicated (particularly in the case of the undocumented segment), but there is one incontrovertible fact: TEXAS NEEDS THE WORKERS! The estimated number of undocumented workers in Texas today is approximately twice as large as the total number of unemployed persons in the workforce. Even if all currently unemployed persons filled jobs now held by undocumented workers (which is impossible for myriad reasons), ...

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Economic Effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

As a part of our ongoing efforts to assist in making useful information available in this time of crisis, we are making related studies available for download on our website, along with other information from our ongoing analysis. We hope you find it helpful.