The Potential Impact of Social Legislation on Business Activity: A Case Study of Actions Which Could Adversely Affect Tourism in the San Antonio Area and Texas

social-legislation-impact-coverRegardless of their stated purpose, controversial laws can reduce travel and tourism. If the Texas legislature passes a law viewed as discriminatory against lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender persons, it is likely that some meetings and events would be canceled and that some leisure travelers will also avoid the state. The resulting reduction in travel and tourism would involve substantial economic costs.

The Perryman Group estimates that when multiplier effects are included, the state would experience billions of dollars in annual output (gross product) and tens of thousands of jobs. Over time, these losses could be expected to rise. Millions in tax receipts would also be foregone each year. With its numerous attractions and high level of tourism and travel, the San Antonio area would be particularly hard hit by restrictive public policy.

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