The Economic Benefits of Potential Cost Savings Associated with Emergency Services Districts

Published on September 16, 2020
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Emergency Services Districts (ESDs) are local political subdivisions of the State of Texas that may provide fire, rescue, emergency medical services, and other emergency services. ESDs are designed to ensure adequate and stable funding for local emergency services, and in Texas, there are currently 334 ESDs in 94 counties with new districts formed every year.

The Perryman Group estimated the cost savings associated with emergency services provided through ESDs compared to other options such as municipalities. The economic benefits of these cost savings were found to include hundreds of millions in annual gross product and thousands of jobs in the areas served. In addition, ESDs can potentially lead to reduced insurance costs.

Emergency Services Districts provide a stable source of funds for fire protection and other protective services. Without these resources, many areas would be faced with inadequate protective services.

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