The Potential Economic Impact of Legislation Restricting Voter Access on Business Activity in Texas

Published on April 09, 2021
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Laws which restrict voter access can have substantial negative economic consequences due to lost earnings and related reductions in consumer spending. In addition, irrespective of their stated purpose, controversial laws can also lead to reductions in travel and tourism and economic development.

The Perryman Group implemented an extensive modeling process to measure economic effects of restricting voter access stemming from several primary sources and found that hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs are at stake.

Access to voting improves earnings, consumer spending, tourism, and economic development. On the other hand, laws which restrict access or have the appearance of discrimination can lead to substantial economic and fiscal losses over time. While there are many other important advantages to, and compelling reasons for, encouraging political participation by all eligible citizens, the economic ramifications are substantial and worthy of significant attention as restrictions on voter access are considered.

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