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Economic Benefits of Tort Reform: An assessment of excessive US tort costs and potential economic benefits of reform
Report Published on February 01, 2022

The civil justice system is a crucial institutional framework in America. When working properly, the system provides a fair and equitable forum for the resolution of disputes among parties, appropriately compensating those that have legitimately been harmed. Additionally, it acts as an effective deterrent to undesirable behavior. As part of this framework, tort litigation can be highly beneficial to society in terms of promoting equal and impartial justice as well as establishing part of the critical context in which economic activity can prosper.

A Look at Technology Jobs in Texas
Column Published in syndication August 03, 2016

One of the most important metrics regarding the health of an economy is job creation and growth. All jobs are not created equal, however, and among the most desirable are those in technology industries. While technology industries only represent about 6% of private employment in Texas, they nonetheless have a high indirect impact on the economy.