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Catalyst for Growth: The Importance of 25 Years of Projects Facilitated by the Texas Sales Tax for Economic Development
Report Published on September 09, 2014

Although there are many considerations in the corporate location decision process, the initiatives undertaken by economic development professionals (and funded by economic development sales tax receipts) have been the major contributing factors in many cases, and the Texas economy has benefited tremendously.

Why did the comptroller's office increase the revenue forecast?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on May 16, 2019

The comptroller's office has upped the revenue forecast by $500 million, giving lawmakers more money to spend this session.

How has school funding changed over time, and in what ways are the funds used?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on January 12, 2017

Lawmakers don't have to take up school funding after the Robin Hood formula was declared constitutional, but Dr. Perryman says essentially local property taxes have become a substitute for state revenue.

Why was Texas almost a billion dollars short of its projected revenues for the 2016 fiscal year?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on September 13, 2016

As the fiscal year in Texas drew to a close on August 31st, it became apparent that the amount of revenue taken in was almost a billion dollars short of the revised projections.

Rainy Days May Be Here To Stay (for the Short‑Term)
Column Published in syndication September 28, 2016

While the diversified state economy continues to grow, one area that will continue to feel the pains of lower oil prices will be the State Treasury. Texas greatly benefited from the oil boom through revenue from natural gas and oil production taxes, which equal 7.5% of the market value of natural gas and 4.6% of the value of oil production in the state. Sales taxes, motor fuels taxes, and many other sources of funds tend to rise with the price and production of oil.