What could be behind Texas' lower ranking in CNBC's annual list of states for business?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on July 14, 2017

The results of CNBC's annual ranking of the states for business finds Texas in an unusual spot. Dr. Perryman says we slipped to number 4 - and there's more.

We're #5!!
Column Published in syndication July 20, 2022

About this time last year, I referred to Texas falling to fourth in the CNBC rankings of top states for business as "eerily disturbing." That remark got more attention than I anticipated. My concern was only enhanced when the 2022 roster came out and Texas dropped further to fifth. North Carolina, Washington, Virginia, and Colorado all topped the Lone Star State. Although fifth certainly isn't catastrophic, it perpetuates a trend that needs to be reversed.