What do the latest Census Bureau numbers show for middle class incomes?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on September 16, 2016

According to the Census Bureau for the first time in years, middle class income are actually going up. Dr. Perryman says wages grew by more than 5% last year.

Why has McAllen surpassed El Paso in population recently?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on July 19, 2016

Data from the Census Bureau reveals that for the first time McAllen has surpassed El Paso in population.

The Census
Column Published in syndication March 18, 2020

The coronavirus is clearly having notable effects on the markets and the economy, both nationally and in Texas. It is obviously the primary focus of our attention these days, as well it should be. One aspect of the situation which will almost certainly worsen in the weeks to come is the strain on the health care system. One thing we can all do to help prepare for future problems like the current pandemic is to respond to the Census.