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How did Covid‑19 affect standardized test scores?
Radio Spot Broadcast via Texas State Networks on September 09, 2022

Dr. Perryman explains the impact of learning-loss due to the pandemic from a short-term and long-term perspective. 

Making the Grade
Column Published in syndication October 26, 2022

Recently released test scores show that Texas public schools fared better than many through the pandemic, though ground was clearly lost. In a recent column, I examined scores from the National Center for Education Statistics which indicate the declines in averages at a national level; now, we have the state level data.

Catching Up
Column Published in syndication September 07, 2022

In a disappointing but not unexpected development, US standardized test scores are showing a notable ongoing learning loss. Results from the National Center for Education Statistics indicate that average scores for age nine students in 2022 fell significantly compared to 2020. The five-point drop in reading, from 220 to 215 on a scale of 500, was the largest average score decline since 1990. In math, scores fell for the first time ever – seven points (from 241 to 234).