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People and Places
Column Published in syndication January 17, 2024

New population estimates have been released, and once again Texas gained far more residents than any other state. The US population increased by a little more than 1.6 million people during the 12 months ending in July 2023. That's a rise of just 0.5%, but it's better than the 0.4% increase in 2022 or 2021's 0.2% gain. Migration was up, and there was a drop in deaths (though they remain well above pre-COVID levels).

Where the Jobs Are
Column Published in syndication November 22, 2023

The dynamic Texas economy has been leading the way in job creation and opportunities. At the same time, future performance hinges on the ability to meet demand for workers in the midst of substantial demographic challenges. In fact, despite record numbers of people working in the state, there are presently around 800,000 unfilled jobs in Texas. We recently looked at the need for employees by occupation over the next 10 years based on our projections of economic growth by industry.

Output by the Numbers
Column Published in syndication August 30, 2023

In a recent column, I described our outlook for Texas job growth by industry. This time around, let's focus on our projections for output (or gross product). Simply stated, gross product is the final value of all of the goods and services produced in an area. It's a widely used measure of the health of an economy, and the US gross product numbers are always worthy of headlines.

Jobs By the Numbers
Column Published in syndication August 16, 2023

Texas continues to shatter records for new jobs. The expansion has been broad based, both in terms of industries and geographic areas. Our latest projections call for notable employment gains over the next five years, though the pace will vary along with external conditions.