The Perryman Economic Forecast

The Perryman Short-Term Economic Forecast is available as both a short-term outlook covering a five-year period and a long-term outlook with a 25-year horizon. The publication provides economic forecasts for the United States, Texas, the state’s economic regions, and the state’s major metropolitan statistical areas. (Austin-Round Rock, Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, Dallas-Plano-Irving, Fort Worth-Arlington, El Paso, and San Antonio-New Braunfels). The forecast includes projections by major industry sector for economic indicators such as employment and real gross product. It also provides anticipated values for personal income, housing starts, retail sales, industrial production, productivity, and many other aggregates. Interest rate forecasts and projected inflation rates are also included. 

The Perryman Group offers subscriptions to the full forecast series (which includes one short-term and one long-term economic forecast each year). In addition, individualized reports for each metropolitan area containing full forecast information on key economic indicators are available, as well as regional bundles containing data on both the inclusive metropolitan areas and overall results for the entire economic region. For information on how to purchase The Perryman Economic Forecast or customize a report to meet your needs, please e-mail us at

Individualized Economic Forecasts

The Perryman Group can generate individualized economic forecasts for every city and county in Texas and every business sector in the state and nation. These reports are tailored to meet the particular needs of your business, including relevant metrics specific to your industry. Specialized forecasts have been used to help with site selection decisions and business strategy directions. For information on obtaining an individualized economic forecast to suit your needs, please email us at