About Us

The Perryman Group (TPG) is a team of highly skilled and focused analysts who stand ready to tackle any economic information task. Our in-house professionals bring expertise in finance, statistics, economics, mathematics, real estate, database management, valuation, programming, systems analysis, engineering, technical communications, and marketing. Dr. Ray Perryman, President and CEO, has almost 40 years of experience in developing systems, analyzing complex problems, and communicating effectively.

We have a work ethic that, quite simply, gets things done.

Additionally, the firm maintains access to a network of skilled professionals who can provide supplementary expertise for any specific project at any time. Major corporations in many sectors (such as technology, energy, and health care), public officials and agencies, law firms, real estate developers, government relations specialists, large financial institutions, and investment banks are prominent among our clients. They turn to us for vanguard analysis, reports, research, and publications to answer complex financial and economic questions.

While TPG is fundamentally an organization of people, it is also much more. We have outstanding computational resources, an experienced research team, and access to hundreds of proprietary databases and information sources. We maintain multiple large-scale models and automated systems of various types — econometric, input-output, valuation, real estate absorption, industry-occupation, fiscal, and demographic. We have a full complement of capabilities to prepare effective presentation materials across all major media. In short, we know how to analyze issues, and we know how to communicate.

We are also a firm with considerable pride in what we do; experience, intelligence, and client-centered service are the hallmarks of TPG’s reputation. We have a work ethic that, quite simply, gets things done. We work long days, nights, weekends, or whatever it takes to best serve our clients. We genuinely enjoy the work we do — the challenges, the variety, the intensity, and the sense of accomplishment. Our enthusiasm is both unbridled and contagious. Every day brings a new opportunity for the firm to tackle a new problem or create a new product or service tailored to a client’s needs. We relish that.

Finally, we are an organization fully recognizing that the effective use of economic information can be a key ingredient in fostering the betterment of society and humankind. Jobs can be created, poverty reduced, environmental quality enhanced, health outcomes improved, communities reinvigorated, and families made more secure. We have a strong and deep commitment to the world in which we live and work. We often provide major pro bono analyses to promote initiatives that help to improve people’s lives. We recognize the role that we have been fortunate enough to play, value the confidence placed in us, and will always be diligent in both the pursuit of knowledge and its positive application.

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