Making Stuff
Column Published in syndication October 05, 2022

Recent data is showing some encouraging signs for manufacturing employment. The United States has recovered all production jobs lost during the pandemic and then some, and there is ample reason for this upward trend to persist.

Made in Texas
Column Published in syndication November 01, 2017

Manufacturing is a cornerstone of the Texas economy, employing more than 7% of Texans, paying high wages, and producing hundreds of billions in goods for export each year. These businesses also generate opportunities for a broad spectrum of other types of firms ranging from suppliers of needed inputs to those providing business services. In addition, as employees of all of these companies spend their payroll dollars, further economic benefits ensue. All in all, the multiplier (or "ripple") effects of goods-producing business operations greatly magnify their importance to the state economy. In fact, according to an impact assessment by my firm, The Perryman Group, a typical manufacturing job leads to 3.778 additional jobs in the state, with some sectors (such as refining which uses Texas oil) bringing much higher benefits. Viewed in this manner, manufacturing accounts for about 30% of Texas employment and an even larger proportion of gross product.