Tech Jobs

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has released its annual Cyberstates report, providing a detailed look at trends in technology employment. It’s a great way to check how Texas is faring relative to other states in a key component of future growth. CompTIA uses a measure of technology employment that includes technology workers across the entire economy. By this measure, the US total reached an estimated […]

Crazy Crude

The growth in crude oil production has been simply crazy. Total production in the Permian Basin rose from levels below one million barrels per day in April 2011 to more than two million July 2016 to three in February 2018 to four less than a year later. Production levels are projected to double yet again in the next few years. Total Texas oil production has […]

Return on Texas Taxes

Texas has one of the best rates of return on taxpayer investments of all states, according to an analysis by WalletHub. The Lone Star State ranked seventh in this measure of the services received compared to taxes paid. In other words, despite all the criticism, Texans tend to get a lot of bang for their buck. Before we get too excited, however, there’s more to the […]