Forecasting and Customized Economic Modeling

If you can describe it, The Perryman Group can model it.

The Perryman Group developed its core forecasting model, the Texas Econometric Model, more than 30 years ago and has been providing detailed forecasts for the United States, Texas, and Texas metropolitan areas and regions since that time. The firm maintains a comprehensive set of national and regional models and has provided projections throughout the country. These systems include a full range of international, national, regional, state, metropolitan area, county, and small area (zip code, census tract, etc.) forecasting and modeling capabilities. In addition, specialized models have been developed to meet the unique needs of hundreds of clients. The firm is at the cutting edge of econometrics and other advanced statistical methods and has provided innovative approaches for many complex applications.

Typical forecasts include such factors as:

  • All aspects of economic activity (output, income, sales, employment)
  • Demographics
  • Employment, training, and educational needs
  • Utility demand and supply (electric, natural gas, communications, and water)
  • Real estate market absorption and vacancy rates
  • Retail sales
  • Industrial performance
  • Transportation demand
  • Global markets and trade activity
  • Cost factors (wage rates, capital costs, etc.)
  • Energy prices
  • Construction costs